Quick tip to drive traffic to your website

As it has been for years, millions of people across the world are using Social Media everyday. Whether it is scrolling through their news feed on Facebook, or seeing the latest trends on Twitter and Instagram trying to find the latest celeb gossip. Well Social Media advertising has never been as important as it is now.

So my quick tip for today is to post and share the living daylights out of your website on all of the social media sites you are registered to. It may only take one share or re-tweet of your social media post for somebody to see it and visit your website. Even better, they may contact you directly or even buy your services or products. Who knows? Still it is a visit to your website and this ultimately increases your web traffic. Hey, you never know from this people who you don't even know may be sharing your social media post, advertising your website, driving even more people to your website, increasing you web traffic more and more, which can ultimately mean... MORE SALES!

A few weeks back, I shared a link to my website on my business page on Facebook. It was shared so much that in one day I received 81 visits to my website. If you can manage that in one day for your business from just a simple social media post, even a handful of sales from that total is more than you would of received if you didn't engage with your social media friends and followers. Lets just hope your friends are feeling friendly and are willing to share away.

So, you get the picture now.. get sharing and watch your web stats increase!

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Jan 20, 2017, 1:28 AM
A quick tip to help increase visitors to your website.